Create your own custom eating profile
Set up your profile in seconds by filling in three short sentences. Select from over 80 physician-curated templates and nearly 600 foods. You’ll always know what’s OK or not to eat.
Make sure your eating preferences are never left out
Share your profile when you eat with others so your needs are known conveniently, accurately and without the awkwardness. Plus, privacy options keep you in charge of what others see.
Take the hassle out of group and event planning
Tired of guessing what to serve? Selectivor automatically finds common foods the entire group can enjoy together. No asking personal questions, looking up diets or unfed guests.
Include your loved ones
Create and manage profiles when loved ones can’t (or won’t). Make sure their eating preferences are never left out. And privacy options protect them from feeling exposed.
Avoid accidental food exposures
Worried about safeguarding yourself and loved ones from food allergies, gluten or other food restrictions? Enjoy peace of mind by letting others know.